BLK – Barely Levitzky Kassif Architects & Town Planners (1989) Ltd. is an international architecture firm headquartered in Israel, where it is one of the country’s largest and leading firms. The firm was formed in 1989 by Uri Barely, Coby Levitzky and Motti Kassif, each of whom is a highly experienced and creative architect with a comprehensive understanding of the design, construction and business needs of their worldwide clients.

Areas of Expertise
BLK has extensive experience in planning projects of the largest scope including high-rise buildings, complete residential neighborhoods and major housing and vacation home developments, mixed-use projects, office buildings, commercial complexes, shopping malls and power centers, high-tech and industrial facilities, life-science design, tourism and leisure recreation complexes, healthcare, educational and other public buildings. The firm’s services encompass town planning, master plans, outline plans, town building plans and layout plans.

Highest Standards of Craftsmanship
BLK, which offers leading real-estate developers throughout the world the highest standards of craftsmanship, comprises more than 50 architects backed up by an administrative team. The firm has undertaken the largest and most complex projects with the highest level of service in the shortest possible time. BLK utilizes the latest computerized systems and equipment, providing drawings in dwg or dxf formats.

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